Drinking From the Shelves: And So It Begins….

Being a man of organisation, I have two shelves for my alcohol – a reused bookshelf for things that should be stored upright and a wine rack for bottles that are sleepy and need to lay down.

Waiting to be drunk...

Waiting to be drunk…

Just to clear a couple of things up, yes that is a bottle of delicious Berentzen Apfelkorn and the bright orange basket is packed to the brim with miniatures of various persuasions!

Having just moved house and had to lug all of it a quarter of the way round the M25, I’ve realised I need to drink more, partly because it’s very tasty and mainly to get my palate back into the habit of regular tasting. So this will be the first of a (hopefully) regular posting. With the shelf contents being a mixture of readily available items, but mostly sold out bottlings, many from my previous employer, who just happened to be an independent bottler, I’ll try and refrain from giving too much of a in depth rating (well it wouldn’t exactly be fair to tell you just how good something is, only to tell you in the next sentence that you’ll never be able to try it for yourself).

Saying all that though, if anything particularly stands out, I may have to bring out the ‘Display Shelf’ photo – this sounds grander than it is, actually being the space between the top of my kitchen cupboards and the ceiling where I store all the finished bottles I have especially enjoyed – needless to say it has to be really good to mak it up there.

The Display Shelf

The Display Shelf

So onwards with the journey….


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